Upcoming events

Some of the places I will be teaching about women’s health over the next few months – hope to see you there!


I’m delighted to have collaborated with Jenny Burrell on this online course about ‘Optimal Health after Hysterectomy’ – we look at all aspects of what happens to a women’s body in the short, medium and long term after Hysterectomy and how to live well moving forward



Have a look here at a video of Jenny and I chatting about the course

For more info or to sign up for evergreen access: HAVE A LOOK HERE!!

 I am so pleased to have collaborated with two of my favourite friends and colleagues,  Jenny Burrell and Jessica Drummond on this comprehensive online programme  looking at peri and post menopausal health



This education is extensive and will be presented as 12 Modules which are delivered weekly over the
space of 12 consecutive weeks

3rd Age Woman Online: Promoting a Positive Perimenopause


My UK and Ireland dates for 2016 will be posted…shortly!

In Australia 2016: Join me for my lectures Down Under!

My 2015 trip to Australia was one of my career highlights. I am delighted to be returning in 2016 and I will be also adding some New Zealand dates as well. Stay tuned for further details or contact Fiona Rogers at https://www.pelvicfloorexercise.com.au/


In the U.S in 2016 with Herman & Wallace, The Pelvic Rehab Institute:

Menopause Rehab & Symptom Management in Atlanta in March 2016:


have a look here!

The Athlete & The pelvic Floor in Arlington in November 2016: 


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Oncology & the Pelvic Floor: Female Reproductive Cancer in Annapolis in April 2016:

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Special topics in Women’s Health: Endometriosis, Infertility & Hysterectomy in Colorado January 2016


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Oncology & the Pelvic Floor: Male Reproductive, Bladder & Bowel Cancers in Salt Lake City October 2016

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Pelvic Floor 2A in Washington, DC in June 2016: Colorectal, Male PF, Pudendal Neuralgia SOLD OUT!!!


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Pelvic Floor 2B in Freehold NJ in June 2016: Function, Dysfunction and Treatment: Urogynecologic Examination and Treatment Interventions SOLD OUT!!


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Pelvic Floor 2B in Boston in December 2016: Function, Dysfunction and Treatment: Urogynecologic Examination and Treatment Interventions


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